Pre-Pay Bar Hire

The Pre-Pay Bar is the ideal package if you do not want your guests to have to buy there own drinks, or just some of their drinks.
There are three ways in which we offer this service:
  • Pre-arranged Bar Tab - This is monitored at the event by our bar staff and you will be notified once the tab limit has been reached. You will then have the option to increase the limit or for the bar to continue to run as a cash bar. The tab is then settled at the conclusion of the event.

  • Vouchers/Tokens - This is where your guests are able to exchange vouchers at the bar for their drinks. We are able to provide the vouchers or you can provide your own in line with your theme. On the night of your event our staff will keep a note of the redeemed vouchers and this will in effect form a tab to be settled at the end of the event.

  • Free/Open Bar - This is where the bar is run as a continuous bar tally. At the end of your event our staff will provide you with the running total of stock consumed for the event. The tab is then settled at the conclusion of the event.

The Pay Bar package includes:
  • Delivery, setup and collection of bar;
  • Licensee/Bar Manager;
  • Bar/Serving Staff;
  • Stylish LED Bar Units/ Rustic Wooden Pallet Bar;
  • Back Bar;
  • Serving equipment;
  • Glassware;
  • Draught Lager/Beer/Cider;
  • Bottled ales;
  • Chilled wines;
  • Large variety of soft drinks;
  • Spirits and Mixers;
  • Free squash for children.
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